Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Months

(Yes this is a little late) At the end of May, Connor had his two month appt. I can't believe he is two months already. The time sure goes by fast. Here are his stats. (let's just say I have a BIG boy)  .

Wt- 14 lbs 10 oz ( greater than 95th percentile)
Ht- 24 3/4 in (95th percentile)
HC- 41 cm. (75th percentile)

You might ask how I keep from kissing those cheeks? Umm I can't.

He has always been my chunky monkey.


Michael and Staci said...

He is a big boy!!! I LOVE big babies. Those cheeks are absolutely adorable!!! :-)

Melissa said...

He is so cute and adorable!!! Little ones are so cute and grow up fast but do stay cute!! I don't blame you for wanting to kiss those cheeks. :)

Judd Sarah and Jackson said...

Oh Allison, it's been so fun catching up. I love the things you do to pass time while Dan is out! Welcome to the "being creative with your time" stage of your life! your little boy is SOO sweet. in this picture he really does look just like Dan! it was fun to see Dan's twin too they really do look alot alike, I wish I had a twin! And how ambitious for you to go kayaking! you must have done it before to take on a three mile trip! I love you! I miss you. I am so glad you are having fun!

Jillicious said...

i need to come visit this child! he already looks so different!

derek and michelle said...

HE IS SOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I so want hold him and kiss those cheeks.