Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today I am thankful for.....

Connor- he has a contagious smile and he is the funniest little guy ever
Dan, who gets up every day to go to work, even though I know he would rather be home
my parents because they are awesome and came out to run with me. I have been lucky enough to run every race (2 marathons, 2 halfs) with my dad
my in-laws-- Seriously, I couldn't ask for better ones. And they raised a perfect son for me.
my friends- every single one of them
my ability to run- many can't for various reasons but I can and will continue to do so
the area that I live in. I go back and forth with loving/liking and disliking this area but really- I live in a great area with so much to do around us. 
prayer- I know that my prayers are heard and answered.
grateful for my Savior who has allowed me the chance to become better and return to live with my Father in Heaven. 

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