Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sure loves his Daddy. And being on his shoulders is the best. 
This is how we spent our Saturday. It was way too nice to be inside. It has been for the past two weeks and so really we spend our days at the park or at least outside. The house gets boring after so many months :) Connor loves the ducks that are at the park. He grunts each time he sees them and almost acts like he is having a conversations with them.  The last picture looks like he is actually touching them he isn't but funny story. He decided to charge them and when he did the ducks waddled pretty quickly away from him. As we turned to leave, they came waddling toward him. He thought is was a funny. 

Chasing the ducks. 


Shaylin said...

What a fun day! Saturday it snowed here. Oh yeah - and it snowed today! Seriously! I wish it was warm and nice outside!

Jenn said...

That sounds like Eva. Very cute!!