Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Since our trip to Ut we have been busy, busy busy. At the end of April, my friend and her hubby had asked us to babysit their kids so they could go on a cruise with his siblings/parents. Sounds like a trip I want to plan with mine or Dan's family. Or I would be ok doing it with both that would mean two cruises umm yes please. She has three kids plus I had Connor so 4 kids under 6 yrs... Let's say it was a little  very crazy. Overall though it was good though. We played at the Mall's play area two days (most days were rainy in the morning so I tried to find fun activities to do inside). On Thurs a wonderful friend brought over dinner. I am not sure how she knew that Thurs would be crazy but it was and I was thankful not to make dinner that night. Then Fri morning another friend came over and we chatted while the kids played. Thanks to you two for your help. Saturday we had a picnic and then I took the two older boys to "May Day" similar to a carnival for the school. They had lots of fun at the carnival and can only hope I didn't scare them too bad the rest of the week.


Michael and Staci said...

You have definitely had a busy past 6 weeks! It was SO nice of you to watch our kids so we could go spend time with my hubby's family. Thanks so much!!!! I'd be happy to watch Connor if you want to go with either one of your families on a cruise or wherever. :-)
The kids were SO happy when I got home, so they probably didn't notice the craziness you were going through. They said they had fun with you here. I feel bad that Candace kept taking Connor's binki...so hopefully he'll forgive her someday. :-)

Tiffanie said...

Ah! In Jan I watched my sister in laws 3 kids for a week while they were on a cruise. Worst week of my life - haha! Halfway through the week everyone got the flu and I cleaned up throw up for 24 hours. Awful.

Jenn said...

You looked like a natural!