Friday, March 6, 2009

What are your motives?

Well this week has been busy but everyday I see so many blessings that the Lord has given to our family. It is amazing. One of the blessings is that I have such a wonderful husband! He is so supportive or everything.

One of the other blessings is the wonderful job that I have. This week I had a meeting about phone etiquette/customer service (seems funny since I have been at my job for almost a year you would think I would know how to answer a phone). It was to help improve my skills.

The speaker talked about service and told us that he read in a book by Ernest Becker that we serve ourselves 99.9% of the time. (Imagine... we only serve others .1% of the time.. WOW) Well he then shared a story about some service he had given. To sum it up he had applied to start a second job (which he thought was paid) as an Institute teacher on BYU-I campus. He thought it would be nice to have some extra money since Christmas would be coming. Come to find out the position wasn't paid of which he was disappointed. He decided he would do it anyway and prayed that he wouldn't receive any kind of blessing and he would do it because he wanted to serve. At the beginning of each semester he would pray that he wouldn't get any blessings and he was doing it because he loved the Lord and also loved those he taught. He explained that he saw miracles happen those few years that he taught.

As I was thinking about this I asked myself "What are my motives in doing service". Is it because I love the people I am serving or is it because I was recognition. For those that read my blog I ask you the same question.. What are your motives in serving?

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The Onofrio's said...

Hey Allison, I liked this post and it got me thinking...I have received a LOT of service in my life, growing up and in the last year or so with having Lucy and going through surgery and radiation. My motivation for serving is to "pay back," what has been done for me. I want to serve others because I have had so much given to me. And your hair looks super cute!