Monday, April 27, 2009

"I am Happy"

Four years ago, April 28, 2005. This was the day I had been "waiting" for. I was on my mission in my first area. It was a Thursday and my companions and I were at a District Meeting. We were there most of the morning. It was a normal morning, we got up, ate, and went to our meetings. We were coming home to eat lunch and then go back out to our appointments in the afternoon.

This day was a little different. We walked in the door and my pensionista (our cook) started talking to my companion (I still only understood a little) and told her that someone was on the phone speaking English. My companion understood a little English so she got on the phone and with the broken Spanish on the other end she soon realized that they were asking for Hermana Baer.

It was my dad. He had been calling all morning and no one in the house understood what he wanted. I got on the phone and he just started to cry. I knew something had happened and all my dad said was "She is gone, she is gone". Soon enough I understood that my dad was talking about RaeAnn., my youngest sister. She had passed away earlier that morning.

RaeAnn had been diagnosed when she was three with a brain tumor. With many surgeries and other complications it left her mentally and physically handicapped. She suffered from multiple strokes, started having seizures about a year before she passed away etc. She had gone for surgery the week that she passed away. She caught pneumonia and passed away a few short days later.

RaeAnn was such a blessing in my life. She taught me so many things but the main thing she taught me was to be happy. If anyone asked her how she was, even if she was in so much pain, she always said "I am happy".

As I was laying in bed tonight, I reminisced about the time that we had together I could hear her... "Allison?" "What RaeAnn?", "Allison?" "What RaeAnn?" (It was our little game). It was 14 short years but full of laughter and love. I remember braiding her hair, having "sleepovers" in her bed, going on walks, dancing, playing with her in her stander, reading her books, singing Johnny Horton and John "Denvener" songs, eating peanut M&Ms, throwing balls with her, jumping on the tramp, eating "goatmeal" and the list could go on. I love her and am so glad to have the knowledge I do so I can see her again someday. I look forward to that day when we will see each other and she will have a perfect body. I love you, RaeAnn.


derek and michelle said...

Wow. What a wonderful sister you were to her. That post definently made me think. So thanks. I will definently be happy today! I hope you have a great day!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful, Allison.

Chris Lindsey said...

Allison thanks for making my cry today! I always admired the way you looked at and talked about RaeAnn. You are a true example of how to love everyone! Thanks for being just a great person!

The Burk's Happy Little Blog said...

I found your blog by chance, but I'm glad I read your post. Very touching.......we have a child with special needs so I can relate.Your blog made me smile today, thanks.