Sunday, June 14, 2009

S'more Engel Fun

First you take the mallow (and roast)

Then you get two cookies

Then you put the mallow between the cookies

And Enjoy :)


Chris and Tara Andrus said...

mmmmmm, that looks so yummy!
I think we need another smores making part at work, don't you agree??

Allison said...

I totally agree!

derek and michelle said...

That looks sooo good right now! We had so much fun last night with you guys. Thanks for being such a great friend!

Meliss said...

Allison, Those look really yummy and remind me of camping. Have a great day!

Gena said...

That is such a great idea. I love zebra cookies! Hey, I just found your blog (obviously!). Mine's private, but if you want to see it, send me an e-mail to =)