Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Better about blogging

Last night I went to a Relief Society Meeting and we talked about Creative Journaling and Family History. It got me thinking that first:  I am horrible at keeping a journal (and blogging for that matter). I have not been very good about it since I was younger even though my parents did teach us to keep a journal.  To be honest I dreaded that time of the week when I had to sit and write in my journal because I didn't  think I had anything fun to write about and I am not a writer. So when I got older I didn't make it a priority and still haven't. I do have journals but I'll be honest it has taken me 5 years to finish this last journal of mine... That is pathetic. And second: I need to set a goal to do it especially with the baby on his way. This way he can look back years from now and know what he was doing and when he did it. Just like my parents did for me.

Last night I was "retaught" that there are so many ways to keep a journal, blogging can be one of them. The journal doesn't have to be extravagant. Something simple but just so you can look back and remember.  So my goal is to be a better blogger.. To blog once a day at least for the next month.

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derek and michelle said...

Wow! That is a big goal, but a good one!! I can look forward to reading your blog everyday.Too bad we lived so far away, we could make it a commitment and at the end of the year make our own blog books. I have been wanting to do that for years, just want some help doing it. :)