Thursday, February 17, 2011


So I failed at blogging EVERY day for a month since I missed yesterday but that is ok right? I am ok with it. I was just feeling tired and had been out and about so it didn't get done.

It has been one busy week and will be a busy weekend.

What I already did this week...
1. doctor appointment- everything is right on track
2. picked up my weekly produce from our co-op (kind of like Bountiful basket if you are from ID,UT)
3. Dropped off half my produce at my share partner's house
4. Baby-sat 3 kids
5. Spent a few hours at a friends house just chatting
6. Mailed two packages off
7. Made a few cards
8. Finished "Catching Fire" and started MockingJay (I love these books)

What I still get to do
1. Prepare a lesson
2. Prepare a talk for a baptism on Saturday
3. Drive to PA to see family one last time before we have our little guy
4. Go to IKEA
5. Workout
6. Ward Temple night

Wow-- seems like a small list but I have felt so busy. I love it.

PS 6 weeks til I will be able to hold my little one :)


Holly said...

I love how much you've been blogging, it's fun to "hear" from you. :) I also love how you phrased your to-do list as things you still get to do, what a positive attitude to have!

bekahjr said...

Yay! You're getting closer. I'm so excited for you! You'll have to tell me how you like Mockingjay. I was SOOO disappointed. Loved the first two. Hopefully you will like it better than I did (=

Shaylin said...

Oh!!! Six weeks! And yay for co-op - I totally want to start mine again! :) I miss you so much!!!! And I agree with bekahjr - mockingjay was not my favorite. Hope you like it better!

derek and michelle said...

yay!! It's coming fast.