Sunday, August 7, 2011

 All of these pictures are from my phone so they might be blurry but I couldn't resist putting them up.

First time trying rice cereal..... If you can't tell by the picture... He loved it and wanted to eat it off his fingers too :)

love that cute smile

First time meeting uncle Mikey

If you look close his hand is holding onto his ring..... I went to get Dan from work and Connor fell asleep in the car while holding his ring

Very interested in EVERYTHING that I have including my water bottle
 Connor sure is a funny kid. He loves to "sing" along with any music we have going and even joined in a few weeks ago at church. Oh he makes us laugh ALL the time.


Michael and Staci said...

He really is such a smiley little boy. Amber Dickson was holding him today and I said "Hi Connor" and smiled at him and he gave me an ear to ear grin. SO CUTE!!! Love the pics! Jackson asked today if he can go over to Allison's house so we'll have to stop by this week or next. He starts school on the 29th, so let me know sometime before then that works for you. :-)

derek and michelle said...

He is sooooo cute!!! Cant wait to meet the little guy.

Rebecca said...

I saw your blog on facebook and had to visit:) It looks like motherhood is treating you well. Connor is adorable!!

Judd Sarah and Jackson said...

Aren't kids so fun?! I loved your update! He really is starting to have a good mix of the two of you! I always thought he looked just like Dan...but I can see you in there too! haha. This age is the best! BECAUSE they are interrested in anything you give them! I love it! miss you!

Shaylin said...

He is so cute I can hardly stand it! April and I are getting on the next plane out! AND I am going to update my blog this week - for like the last 5 months! :0 So you can finally see how big April is getting! :)

Jill said...

That is so cute that he will sing. What a darling boy. I LOVE his chubby cheeks.