Sunday, August 21, 2011


Tonight is one of those nights where I took too long of an afternoon nap and now I can't sleep. So at midnight all I was doing is laying in bed thinking.... What was I thinking about? Everything.

I was thinking about Connor,
..about Dan
..about how I like the feeling I have at church even though since having Connor I don't get to concentrate as much on the talks
..about how I talk too much sometimes
..about how I listen more in big groups because I don't think what I have to say is important
.. about how I need to be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, teacher etc
..about how I can't wait to be in CO
..about how I am happy where I am at in life
..about things I need to improve in my life
..about how I can't wait for Fri and Sat this week. (Dan has off and we are going to the zoo and Inner Harbor)
..about how Connor is going to be up in 6 hours
..about the fact that Dan works so hard and has no problem falling asleep
..about how I wish that Dan would stop snoring breathing so hard so I could maybe fall asleep
..about all of the wonderful people I have in my life
..about who I want to get to know better
..about our fun times Dan and I had in Rexburg (even though we were so excited to leave)
..about the sweet 4 yr olds I teach and their funny comments
..about my sweet sister whom I miss on a daily basis
..about how cicadas are really loud
and about lots more but most of all how I wish I would stop thinking and just go to sleep. Please tell me I am not the only one out there with this problem :)


Michael and Staci said...

I rarely take naps for this reason....I hate laying in bed not being able to sleep. With all of that on your mind I can see why you were awake. All I have to say is I think you're fabulous and I'm excited to hang out at game night tomorrow night. :-)

Shaylin said...

I did the SAME thing yesterday! Slept way too long after church and just laid there last night - trying to get my brain to be quiet so I could sleep! And I always think, "I wish Dave would quit snoring so I could even think about sleeping." :) Hope you get better sleep tonight!

derek and michelle said...

I totally live with that problem everyday. I think its a women thing. I mean seriously, I dont think guys can think that much at the same time.

Judd Sarah and Jackson said...

I just barely learned what Cicadas were!!! We got a "bug" box from the library and it said that they are actually the loudest bug in the world! HAHAHA! Thats probably really why you couldn't sleep!

Jillicious said...

i miss CO too! great thought. hope you got SOME sleep!

Nicole said...

I do the same thing! Drives me crazy! Always happens to me when I need sleep the most. Hope you were able to get some sleep!

Jill said...

I loved hearing your thoughts. A little insight into Allison. :)