Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cameron's Wedding

Dan and I flew out to Colorado for my brother's wedding. It was beautiful. Beautiful bride and handsome groom. 

Lauren and Cam with all of the nephews and niece 
Connor and Dan standing around being handsome

Lauren and Cameron

My grandpa, Uncle Dan, Aunt Janan and Eric all came for the festivities as well.

Cute little Jonah. Sure love that cute kid. 


Tiffanie said...

Ah...Connor is so stinking cute!

Shaylin said...

I love that Connor has a matching tie! I just love love love it! :) He is so adorable! I sure hope that you are loving your trip!

Michael and Staci said...

I love Connor and Dan's matching ties. I'm so glad you were able to fly to Colorado and be there for it. You look gorgeous in the picture of your family with your brother. We miss you in Maryland! :-)

Jillicious said...

look how old connor is! how fun!

Don and Kelsi Fryberger said...

Your family is so cute!! And Connor is getting so BIG!! Love it!

derek and michelle said...

Connor is so soo cute!!!!! Love the tie. Hope your having fun :)