Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Today I got a phone call from someone who I haven't known too terribly long but have a very sweet connection with. I feel like I could talk to her and we would always have something to say. There is so much we have in common: like/love the same tv shows, love doing the same things, etc, etc.  I really wish I could live closer to her but we live on opposite coasts :(  After getting off the phone it comforted me knowing I have friends/family literally all over and even though we may live far away, technology brings us closer.

I have recently been thinking about just how important relationship are. It is one of the only things we take with us after this life and just how tender they really are. It makes me think of those who were affected by the shooting in Sandy Hook ES. Did the parents tell their kids they loved them that morning? Did they give them a hug and kiss? Or were they in a hurry so they could get to work? I have given Dan and Connor a few extra hugs and kisses.


derek and michelle said...

love you!

Jenn said...

I agree, it changes you for sure and makes you appreciate the little things in life

Michael and Staci said...

I agree. Reminder of how grateful we are for our kids, friends, families, etc. Heart breaking for the families in Connecticut and every child at that school that has to deal with the horrific events that happened. I can't even imagine.