Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas was so fun this year. I am not sure if it was because Connor understood a little more this year and loved opening presents? Or if it was because my parents came? Or what it was but I loved it. I always love Christmas but this year was different.

On Christmas Eve, we started a new favorite tradition of ours. We go to breakfast. Then, took my parents up to Hershey Park Chocolate World. We took a tour and then bought lots of yummy treats for the rest of the week. (Raspberry Hugs are to die for and I don't like Hershey's Hugs at all)

Unfortuately, Connor got sick the Saturday before and was sick thru Christmas but he still had fun. He loved opening presents. He got lots of cars this year.

Funny story--- With Connor being sick, his sleeping schedule was thrown off a little bit. We put him down to bed at the same time we normally do but then he woke up at 9:30, needed some grandparent lovin. So, we let him stay up a bit. Santa had already come and Santa doesn't wrap presents here so his train set was sitting out. I covered it with a blanket so that it would be a surprise in the morning. He ran across the blanket and felt something under it so naturally he had to look to see what it was. As much as I tried to change his focus it didn't help anything, so he saw his train set on Christmas Eve. Lucky him :) He loved it!!!

Christmas Dinner we spent at Dan's parents house. Dinner was yummy as always :) Thanks Jeannie.

Yummy breaksfast!!!

Connor on Christmas Eve :)

Connor loves his Bentlee!!!


Michael and Staci said...

That story of Connor seeing the train early is hilarious! Kept him entertained on Christmas Eve. :-)

Jill Hancock said...

yay for chocolate world! did you get to see the lights there as well? i heard advertisements on the radio for their christmas decor and wondered how it looked. guess i'll have to wait until next year to find out!

ps you were looking mighty fine at the ihop breakfast ;)

Jenn said...

How cute!!

Tiffanie said...

Chocolate world?! I love it. And we went to b-fast over the Christmas break growing up too. I might have to bring that tradition back to life.

Jill said...

Connor is so funny. Luckily he's young enough that finding the train won't do any damage for the future! I'm glad you were able to have family out for Christmas.