Sunday, April 28, 2013

I "seeping"

Friday was a hard day for Connor and I. We werent seeing eye to eye and there was a lot of whining on his end because he didn't want to do as I asked or I wouldnt give him everything he wanted. Let s say when 730 came around I was ready for my girls night. I think someone may have informed Connor he was two and to let the tantrums begin. :-) . Well I came home only to realize I missed him and needed to snuggle him so I went into his room and picked him up (I used to do this every night a few months ago) and tried to get a quick snuggle in before bed. As soon as I did, he "yelled" at me and said "I seeping" and tried to jump back in bed. Made me laugh. I now know not to bug him while he is sleeping, which he definitely gets from me. :-)


Michael and Staci said...

Ha! The whining part doesn't sound fun, but him trying to dive back into bed is hilarous!!! Cute Connor! :-)

Jenn said...

Awww....that's my kind of kid! He understands the luxury of sleep!!

derek and michelle said...

That is so cute.