Monday, April 18, 2011

Grandma's Visit

My mom left Saturday after being here since the 6th. It was so nice to have her here especially since I ended up back in the hospital the day she got here. Connor loved meeting his Grandma. She was such a help. Here is what we did....
-went to IKEA
-went to the DC Visitors Center
-took lots of walks
-went to Old Ellicott City
-made felt food
-had BLT's with Grandma and Pops Engel, Bentlee, Karol and Chris
-Eat plenty of Cadbury Mini Eggs
- took a few baths
-watched a few movies
-and just hung out


Shaylin said...

oh he is so sweet! And how fun to have your mom there! :) I can't wait to meet little Connor - and see your mom - in a little over a month! Yay!

Michael and Staci said...

You are the woman!!! A few days after I had my first baby I couldn't even go up and down stairs and you're running all over town. You go girl! I'm glad you had a good time with your mom. :-)

Tiffanie said...

Isn't it great when mom's come?! Ah, you look great and your baby is so stinkin' cute! Why did you have to go back to the hospital?

Kat said...

Oh man! He is so cute! Congratulations!
P.S. Have I invited you to my blog?