Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Within the past month of two I feel like C's vocab has grown a ton. He basically repeats everything I say.  Sometimes we will call Dan at work and I will have Connor say "We miss you" it sounds more like "Uh mes oo" but it makes me chuckle. Or when Dan has already left for work and Connor gets up without seeing him, I ask Connor: "Where's Daddy?" A wok....

He also is starting to recognize faces and saying their names without a prompt. Tonight he saw a picture of Uncle Chris and said "Mama, Cis" And he always wants to know where his Uncle Matt is, even when we aren't up in PA.

I have a book of all of our family members in it so that he could be familiar with the faces because lots of our family members don't live near us. Connor will go through the book and point out faces he knows.... Ella, Colin, Jonah Chris, both grandmas and grandpas, April, Mike, Matt, Bentlee and Preston.

I forgot to mention that I have a costume that I am needing to repair for a friend. C saw the dress and I said of that is for C. and then he repeated her name and said her brother's name. He loves that family and actually can say all of their names including the mom's.

Oh and his favorite thing to say... "It huts" aka it hurts.... You have to hear his sweet voice with this one... Everything hurts apparently but it is so funny.

Just some of those fun milestones I don't really want to forget. Because really it makes me laugh when I hear him say a new word, not really because it is that funny but because that means he is growning up.


Michael and Staci said...

I agree...he is a talking machine!!! Very cute! :-)

Jenn said...

Oh, that makes me miss that stage. good for you for documenting it!!